Boost Type: know your lol


Available boosts

The Riot Store offers boosts for a specified number of wins and for specified durations.

Bonus IP



Normal Ranked Custom Easy bot Intermediate bot
Summoner’s Rift 143–145 158-168 95 74 107–132
Twisted Treeline 120-143 143 51-54 104
Howling Abyss 96
Bonus EXP
Map Normal Ranked Custom Easy bot Intermediate bot
Summoner’s Rift ~140
Twisted Treeline



Amount of bonus



IP boost Base IP 1 day 290RP
IP boost Base IP 3 days 520RP
IP boost Base IP 7 days 1020RP
IP boost Base IP 14 days 1846RP
IP boost Base IP 30 days 3490RP
IP boost Max length win IP 2 wins 160RP
IP boost Max length win IP 4 wins 290RP
IP boost Max length win IP 10 wins 670RP
IP boost Max length win IP 20 wins 1250RP
IP boost Max length win IP 50 wins 2560RP
XP boost Base XP 1 day 150RP
XP boost Base XP 3 days 260RP
XP boost Base XP 7 days 520RP
XP boost Max length win XP 10 wins 350RP
XP boost Max length win XP 50 wins 980RP

Boosts Type

A lol boosting incidentally builds the measure of Influence Points or Summoner Experience Points picked up at the finish of every match. There are two sorts of helps: length supports and win supports. Each of them can be purchased from the Riot Store utilizing Riot Points or got from Riot (regularly compensatorily).

Span helps

Span helps are dynamic for a specific measure of time (for instance, 1 day). Length helps twofold the base measure of IP got for a game win or lose, not including different rewards. Case of those different rewards which are not multiplied incorporate the principal win of the day reward, the match-made game reward, or a reward from another support.

Per win helps

Per win helps are just connected on the off chance that you win a game – they will never terminate. Per win supports give you a level measure of IP comparable to the maximum base IP you can win from a game (qualities are diverse for every game mode). This change was made to guarantee players were getting the most out of their support for amazingly short games, however Riot hasn’t upgraded the clarifications of how per win helps work. In view of how per win helps work, they will give a great deal less IP for Custom, Twisted Treeline and Co-operation versus AI games.

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